Massage Therapy in Lawrence, KS

Are you feeling stressed, recovering from an injury, dealing with chronic pain or simply want to stay healthy? Then you’re looking for a massage from Michelle Saenz.

Whether you live in town or are just passing through, you can find her downtown at 729 1/2 Massachusetts St. Suite 212.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Saenz is a licensed massage therapist based in Lawrence, KS. She specializes in a variety of massage techniques including deep tissue, hot stone, relaxation, and more.

Relaxation Massage

relaxation massage by Michelle Saenz in Lawrence, Kansas

Muscles are pulled and stretched  gently and gradually. The nervous system benefits are much greater with this service. The gravity of the rolling massage movements provides a sacred space to sleep or to dream.

Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage in Lawrence, KS by Michelle Saenz

Deep tissue does not necessarily mean pain. The techniques used to access the deeper muscles of the body require relaxation of the muscles lying on the surface first. This is a slow and methodical process to discover the root of the tension. The superficial muscles and fascia are lengthened and relaxed before the deeper muscles can be affected. Slow and steady wins the race in this therapeutic treatment.

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Dynamic Cupping

Cupping by Michelle Saenz Massage Therapy in Lawrence, KS.

A silicone (suction) cup is placed over the skin to mechanically separate the fascia from the muscle. The fascia is essentially a thin sac that holds muscle groups together. If the fascia is stretched by suction, the muscle below is allowed more freedom to lengthen and relax. In this practice, cupping is used for two specific purposes : a preparation for deep tissue massage therapy on the torso or preparation for migraine relief in the head, face, and neck.

Only available for 120 minute appointments.

Manual Lymph Drainage

manual lymph drainage by Michelle Saenz in Lawrence, KS.

The lymphatic system carries white blood cells throughout the body which are necessary to heal our bodies of viruses, toxins, and even cancer cells. This method of massage involves extremely light pressure to the skin (as the lymph channels are close to the surface of our skin) in a wave-like motion to move the flow of our lymph fluid to provide for better circulation and healing. Clients who typically seek this form of treatment wish to reduce lower limb swelling, reduce cellulite for cosmetic purposes, or chronically suffer from minor illnesses such as colds or other viruses. MLD is also recognized as 

Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massage in Lawrence, KS

Basalt stones are heated to approximately 120 Fahrenheit and applied to the skin first in short bursts of movement to stimulate blood circulation and activate the nervous system. The muscles fibers begin to lengthen and separate; this provides a melting sensation that is hard to match with other therapies!  The stone cools slightly and is then used to glide along and across tense areas of muscle; accompanied by the artful hand of massage, the heavy weight of the stone, and the magnetic energy of the crystals that are the essential makeup of basalt (lava) rock.

Only available for 120 minute appointments.

Migraine Relief Massage

Migraine Relief Massage consists of 60 minutes concentrating on face, head, neck, and shoulder tension. This method releases sinus pressure and deep muscular roots that pinch the nerves from the shoulders all the way to the crown of the head! Anti-inflammatory essential oils, hot stones, and facial cupping are used throughout this service to facilitate this decompression process.